Q: What’s the course like? Hilly? Flat? Fast?

A: Mostly flat besides the Bridges and 1 hill.

Q: Where are the jump in’s located on the course? How do I get to them?

A: Top secret starts by land or sea, you will pick when you choose your distance.

Q: If I want to change my jump in location and distance I am running is that allowed?

A: Race day decisions for pace and distance. Jump in where you fit in!

Q: Will there be race-day packet pickup?

A: You can pick up 45 mins before start, Weds night or at BRHQ 67 avenue C on Thurs or Fri.

Q: If I am registered to run but get injured and cannot attend, can I get a refund?

A: No but you can get the shirt, transfer to another race or to another runner.

Q: Can I bring friends and family with me to participate?

A: They can volunteer.

Q: How old do I have to be to participate?

A: 18 or older.

Q: Will there be hydration and energy stops along the course? Where and what are they?

A: About every 2.5 miles there will be fuel and water.

Q: Is there a bag check?

A: Yes at each jump in.

Q: What happens if I lose something? Where can I go to find it?

A: It should be on the bus that you checked it on.

Q: How should I dress to run?

A: It’s Marathon season so should be perfect run weather but bring a hoody for after the run.

Q: What if it rains on event day?

A: Running is an outdoor sport, we will prevail.

Q: Will there be porta-potties?

A: Only a couple but there will be 8 clean restrooms including start and finish.

Q: Can I use a baby jogger, roller blades, scooter, or bike?

A: Only injured runners can bike as volunteers unless you are pacing.

Q: I have another question that’s not answered here. What do I do?

A: DM any question anytime.

Q: Where can I find a course map?

A: Maps are forbidden! Expect The Unexpected!

Q: How many aid stations are on the course?

A: Each of the 4 jump ins and there will be a vehicle with a medic for emergencies.

Q: Is the course closed to traffic?

A: No but it is 80% Runner friendly.

Q: Are there time requirements? How long is the course open?

A: Please stick with your pace group, the most sexy is 12:30per mile.

Q: What is NOT allowed on the course?

A: A bad attitude.

Q: If the weather changes during the run, will there be alerts along the course?

A: The pacers will keep group updated about fuel, bathrooms and weather.

Q: How will I get back to the city after I run?

A: We will shuttle to public transportation.

Q: Where will I get my bag after the run?

A: At the finish on the same bus you checked it on.

Q: When and where is the event expo?

A: Weds Night 350 Grand street off Ludlow. 5pm-7:30

Q: What will I receive in my participant packet?

A: Depends if you are a CREWSADER or not, if not you will get your shirt and race day and afterparty info.

Q: Can someone pick up my race packet for me?

A: Yes with proof by text or phone call.

Q: Do I need my ID to pick up my packet?

A: No but a phone with your info would be good.

Q: Can I pick up my participant packet, participant bag on the day of the run?

A: Prefer you get before but Yes 1 hour before your leg starts.

Q: It's my 1st official run, is this run ok for beginners?

A: You will decide your pace and distance the day before. Please come one hour before your leg to party and help other runners with refreshments and cheers.

Q: How is the jump-in going to work?

A: You will decide your pace and distance and arrive 45 minutes early to check in and help.

Q: How do the pace groups work?

A: Each leg will have about 100 runners. We advise you start slower to make sure you can keep up because the faster paces start later for a group finish.

Q: Will there be a recovery tent at finish?

A: Yes we will have healers at finish so you can Run, Party, Recover and Repeat.

Q: Will you have an afterparty?

A: Yes it will be epic! Do not miss the celeBRation!!!